One too many, again!

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I am a pet lover, so is my family.  We have had rabbits, ducks, dogs, cats, hamsters, parakeets, turtles, fish…. Yikes… and all in town. 

 I have one dog at this time, she’s a mutt, a mix of different cattle dogs, Queensland, Aussie & McNabb.  Bane of cats, the neighbor’s dog and any birds that decide to eat from the bird-feeder in the backyard.  She also thinks she is a soccer player, great dog all around.  Did I mention she is afraid of everything?  She acts tough but she’s not.  But, let me get where I’m going with this… 


We now have four….  I was happy with two…  they were both stray kittens found over where I work, one even rode home in the engine compartment of the family van, after something like that you just have to keep her.  I named the both for Star Trek.  One after Data’s cat SPOT and the other I named TRIBBLE.  What can I say, I’m a geek. So we are set. Two cats and a dog that chases them, perfect….  till one day my brave dog is in the backyard and starts barking which becomes a panicked mass of sound, it sounded like she was in pain and dying. I run out of the house thinking I’m going to find her bleeding to death or something like that.  Nope… She has spotted a cat in our yard, and it wouldn’t run away so it scared her.  This cat was half dead, half starved really, I tried to shoo it away, just the look of it scared me.  I finally broke down and fed it, had my brother get the dog kennel out and I put it in there,  I wanted to keep it away from my cats and I wanted to make sure it didn’t kill me in my sleep, like I said she scared me.  My father was to take the cat to the vet’s office and drop her off.  Bye-bye, see you later, two cats are enough!  I get home from work and surprise guess who is at the house.  By then the cat was dubbed “Lucky”, I didn’t want it, but everyone else did.  Even the dog likes her, okay I like her too now. Did I say like?  I love her now, she is my cat. But three cats are to many!  Four cats is nutz!  But guess what, My brother has dragged this cat home.  “Pickles”, I didn’t want her, still don’t, but I was over ruled.  I swear, the next person that brings home a stray, is going to the vets with the cat, and staying there with the cat.

Hopefully she stops hating the dog, the other cats.

Anybody want a cat?  We have one to many, again,


What do I do?

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I have this friend, known her for years and years, I don’t even want to admit how many.  She has been through two terrible  marriages the only good thing out of them are the kids, seven of them, Five from her first, all boys and two girls from the second.  The second, Dean was a total bastard, abusive, mentally and physically.  He used to use the kids as a way to control her.  She got through, got away from him, survived.

Over the years she has had computer romances, didn’t find Mister Right but she did find some friends and in the last two years she has moved past all of it, become secure, it was her and the two girls (the boys are all grown up) against the world.  Didn’t need any man, and like the freedoms she gained.

In the last couple months, she met a guy, even as she was falling for him she would say she liked the independent her, she thinks he is the one.  But this guy runs hot and cold..  Bipolar?  I think so.  I know he has a major past with drugs and alcohol, but he has moved past that.  All I know is she would go over and see him for the weekend and she’d be in heaven, then during the week he would call and it would be hell on her, accusations of cheating and other things, then the call to apologize.  They would break up and make up.  Finally she couldn’t take the stress and was going to tell him they couldn’t even be friends, and was going to call him only to find he had shut off the cell phone.

She decided to write him a letter, get her chance to say her piece.  Later in the week she received a call from a number she didn’t know.  It was him, they talked, made friends, again…  then about a week he calls, blames here for everything bad about the relationship calls her a selfish bitch and hangs up. 

I hate the word bitch, I always have.  I think that men should never use it…  It’s never a good thing when a man uses it to a woman, not even as a joke.  My brothers learned of my sensitivity to it the hard way, as I said before Nards are a great target.  I use it sometimes, but it’s different, I can’t explain why but it is. 

So this guy, called her a selfish bitch and made her cry.  I literally told her to make sure I don’t get his phone number.  Because I hate him, she doesn’t deserve this, the bastard, I hope he rots!


Guess who’s back,  she didn’t even what to tell me because she didn’t want to upset me…  ME, she was worried about ME and what I would think.  So I told her I would support her in what ever she does, I even help talk to her girls who hate the guy because he made their mom cry.  Well, this weekend he moved in.  I still haven’t met him, I’m worried about that first meeting, I don’t want to hurt her and I don’t want to do anything to make the girls hate him more.

Today, she asked me to lunch, made up and excuse about my brother, all because I though he would be there and I’m not ready to meet him.  I know I have to, who knows I may even get to like him.  I don’t know, maybe…  and then maybe Monkey will fly out of my bodily orifices too…

 Well Karma just kicked my brother in the ass because of me, he just had a seizure, so that I’m not a total liar, I am busy now, that sucks.

Rights and Freedoms 101

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I really don’t like protests, I think they gain nothing.  I know it sounds jaded but it’s true.   I tend to ignore them because I have always tried to see both sides of the situation.  I live in a small farming town so I have seen protest for and against rights for illegals, the war, heck even in support of teachers.

You see protests all the time on the news, and they always show the worst of them.  KKK, that crazy pack that that claims that everything bad that happens is god punishing the world because of gays, the group that protests at funerals.  Let me tell you, some of these wackos should be locked up because they are nucking futz!!!  I figure some higher power will judge them in the end, and if there is a next life I figure the dung be etle population is going to grow!

I was reading a friends blog and couldn’t believe what I was reading.   .   When you go to a Peace rally just to disrupt it you need to be kicked in the ass, I would have made a play for the nards.   Ask my brothers that was always my target of choice.

When this jackass, got out of his car all he wanted to do was impress people, he didn’t give a damn about letting these people exercise the rights that were given to all of us when our forefathers fought and died for them.  He could have set down across the street and protested too, but he didn’t, so he got a kick in the ass…  and the cops arrested an 82 y.o. woman.  Hopefully he has a limp.

Don’t get me wrong, I think that he made it back from Iraq is wonderful and that he was proud enough to serve in the army of my country is  a great thing.  I just don’t think that that gives him the right to take away the rights he himself fought for.

This weeks episode: “The Wonders of Computer Restore.” or “Should I Throw it at a wall?”

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If the title doesn’t say it all I don’t know what will.

Yep, that lets you know what I have been dealing with.  I talked with the people at HP over a sound problem, they talk me through all this stuff, do this dot that…  No joy.  So, they say, before we have you send it in it would be best if I try a restore.  I head up north fifty miles to the closest Circuit City, by this hard drive to make the back up.  Back-up made and stored away.

Okay here is where I put off doing the restore…  Laalaalaaaaaa…. 

Two months later I got the MSN group of viruses and it forces my hand.  I save a second copy of my I-Tunes, picture and documents and press the button.   What a mistake…  I do the restore and it goes through pretty easy, couple snags, nothing big.  Then I go to put in my back up, *sigh*  What a mess.  First it wont do anything, then I try to replace the things in my D-drive…  I end up with it saying it has 4.32 gigs freespace left of 80 gigs.  Whiskey, Tengo, Foxtrot?????  I try to look in the folders in it and there is nothing in them, I try to delete them and it says I can’t.  MY COMPUTER IS TELLING ME I CAN’T! NO ACCESS! YOU’RE NOT THE BOSS OF ME…. NYYA!    I finally had to format the drive, everything solved….  Or not… 

My great back-up, has everything on it… I can’t get into it to remove the things I need to put back in the computer…  All I want are a couple files,  I-tunes, documents, etc…  And the same thing happened with my C-drive.  And what i did get transfered doesn’t access the right way.  Why did I do this to myself…?

So now I have it going, but all my wonderful links are gone. The settings are different, files are locked into back-up and not on my computer. 

THIS IS NOT MY COMPUTER…  Mine is MIA.  It makes me sad.

Ugh, shoes.

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Okay, Here I started this whole walking for health…thing.  My feet are killing me!!  I walk around a lot, I’m on my feet at work but apparently it is a big different kind of animal.  Who knew…  Okay, of course you did, but I didn’t.  I have sneakers I figured I’m good to go.  NOT!  I walked two days in the one pair, ouch… then moved to a different pair I had bought and even used at Curves.  I got across the bridge and turned back, I wanted to walk barefoot back to where I parked the car, it would have hurt but I think a lot less.

So now I’m shoe hunting.  Color me overwhelmed.  Running, hiking, this, that, what do I choose, oh and better yet, what can I afford?  Have you seen the prices?  They have shoes that look like you are walking on mushrooms, wild!  But what are they good for.  I’m walking on the street, BUT I also walk out by the river, in the country in dirt and in sand.  Choices choices….. HELP!!!  I’ve fallen and I can’t…. Oh sorry, lost my train of thought.

I want to keep walking and Wyn’s (my dog) loves going too.  But then the BBW comes in and you have to remember My shoes and feet are probably carrying more then yours are so, I have to choose right.

  • Payless Shoes, great prices but bad on feet. 
  • Big Five….. Excuse me you want how much?  Will it carry me back to the car if I walk to far? 
  • Why are the outlet stores so far away?
  • Oh those are cute sandals…  WAIT…what am I here for again?

So I bought a pair of shoes, Avia’s with this fancy ARC Technology and we can’t forget:

  • FlexFom Compound in the Mid-sole
  • Anatomical Cradle
  • Injected ARC Plate
  • Cantilever Cushioning and Stability

Woot!!  I bet they can even make coffee.

Now they did feel like a little bit of heaven going on, so who knows, I might have done something right.

I’ll keep you posted.

It’s that time of the year…

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No… Not Christmas..  Lent.

Every year I choose things to give up for these 40 days, this year it’s chocolate and all alcohol.  I know what your asking, and you’re not the first or the last that will…  WHY?  Why do you do it, you’re not even Catholic.  Okay true…  but I did go to Catholic school, and I have even stayed at a Holiday Inn Express.  But I sorta do it because my Mother was, I lost her 9 years ago, and I do this for her.  Okay and for me. I like the test of it all, proving I can keep myself in control. (last night was a test)  Sacrificing something I like and need…. my precious…  Wait wrong movie! I’ve also spured on a couple friend to do it to.  One is giving up bread and tortillas, and her daughter is giving up carbonated drinks.  In the long run it is actually good for us.  It is hard though…  No Truffle Coffee…  No dark chocolatey goodnesss…  ACK!  What have I done???

I have also decided that these 40 days that I’m going to take this time to get out and walk, even if it’s just a couple blocks at least I did some. So yesterday I took the dog out and went to the park and walked around, today I took her out and we walked about 2 miles.  Now, I know you are saying “2 miles, big deal” well for me it is.  I’m a big girl, a BBW as they say, so everything helps, just wish walking worked where I need to loose some poundage.  So this was a big step for only the 2nd day.  And hey, I even jogged a small bit of it. YAY ME!

So you see Lent is a time of self-denial, but I think it can also be a time of self-change.

Hello world!

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Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

Well, like it says, this is my first post. I hope I can make this at least worth your trip. 

The name says it all.  I really do want to be traveling, I love exploring, meeting people, having fun. Whether I fly or drive, I like to be moving.  I have to warn you I will try not to post major downers but it happens and I doubt I will post everyday like some do.  In fact no one may ever read my rambling at all and that’s okay too.

About me:

Well I’m single, not sure if i’m looking or not. Being single is the reason I was able to  travel like I have for as long as I did.  Don’t get me wrong, I love a good cuddle when I get it and I don’t think I would be upset to have someone who was mine waiting for me.  Plus the other perks would be nice too.

No kids but I really wanted one.  I have plenty of nieces and nephews but one that is mine would have been nice. I adore my nieces and nephews.  they can drive you nuts but hey that’s in their contract when they are born. *L*

I’m a BBW, hey what can I say?  It’s me, most times I like me.. 

Well stay tuned for the ride, could be fun or the best nap you will ever read.