I lived, no puking and no fainting included.

You will never believe what I did!

I got a call from one of the schools telling me that they were having an event, can I cover it. I was like, sure I love getting kids and the schools in the paper. Parents love seeing their kids in the paper, kids love seeing themselves so it’s win win, hey it could boost circulation!

So, I talk with the teacher and she tells me about the event… Career Day… CAN I SPEAK…. *blink*

Let me explain, I’m really a shy person, I was ready to quit a phone marketing job, three days in, because I couldn’t get past talking to so many people I don’t know. .  .

Yes I know, I’m now a reporter how do I talk to the people in the stories (A whole lot of working up to it and a whole lot of coffee)

So with the teacher talking, I agreed to talk to the 3-5th graders, and as soon as I hung up I was asking myself “WHAT KIND OF IDIOT ARE YOU!”

For four days my mind went nuts thinking about all the ways I could crash and burn, and trust me I have a very vivid imagination. Friday came, I get to work hoping that they called to cancel it, a major earthquake would happen, I even thought I could get out of it if I crashed in the rain (But I wouldn’t risk my pickup so I drove right) I got there about an hour early, oops, I guess I was nervous…

When I was leaving the office I got several pep-talks, the office manager decided to tell me about how she had to talk to the Police Explorers AND HOW SHE PUKED BEFORE.  Learning this, helps me how?  It just gave me one more worry… will I puke in front of the classes?

I walk in and I’m put in a room, given coffee a plus, and I have to wait for the other speakers. A group of kids walks in, the leadership class, I felt so happy that I had met a couple of them when doing other stories in the community. So I get a personal escort to the first class and so it begins.

Now, I sorta fell into being a reporter, no training, no creative writing, heck I can hardly blog (as you can see). I had to Google how to be a reporter when I started, I had to Google how to become a reporter to know what to tell the kids. With that info and what I gleaned from my best friend, who actually was a reporter for a paper in Florida and is a reporter for Firefox on-line news, I was mostly armed for the kids attack.

I have to say I was surprised, it actually went well. The kids, I had met quite a few from YMCA and other events, had great questions I explained what I did, how we put the paper together and I think we all had a great time all capped off with pictures of each class I talked to and a promise they would be in the paper.

So it went well, no fainting, no puking, no kids shooting spit-wads.  Will I do it again?



~ by wantabetravelin' on January 25, 2009.

One Response to “I lived, no puking and no fainting included.”

  1. But you know the kids really like it when you puke. Especially at that age. 😉

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