Sign of the times… I hope not!

I live in a small farming town in California, I don’t know everyone in town but I know a fair few.  there is the sweetest couple, been together for a while. They are great together, people would kill to have a relationship like theirs. Nice house, perfect yard, everything going for them, is like a damn Norman Rockwell picture.

Driving by the house I see this in the yard.just-unmarried

Prop 8’s wrath has hit this family.  

It’s sad when people are classed as second class citizens, they are not allowed to live and love as they choose. 

Just Unmarried

Just Unmarried

Can you imagine how they feel, something they finally get, yanked away by half informed people who believed commercials about the schools and their kids being taken over. Are you the same people who think it is okay to protest at funerals for fallen soldiers?

Prop 8, has done nothing but bring on hurt, prejudice and pain. The pro commercials were funded to SCARE people, how many of you were really taught about marriage in school?  I wasn’t and I went to California schools where they were trying to save the students.

We need to let the legislature know we wont stand for this. Why can’t we, as a people, let others be happy, live their lives as they wish? It may not be the way you live, but it isn’t as though they are knocking on your door trying to change your lives. I can pretty much guarantee they don’t have a version of the Watchtower for you to read.

Maybe they should stop worrying about gay marriage, and like they can keep all BOYS out of school…. that will cut down on teen pregnancy and protect the kids in school.. OR how about they keep ALL the kids out of school, and then there will be no guns in school…..yep all kids are protected, think of all the money that the schools will save, Cha-ching!

Oh wow, I’m on a roll now.  Maybe I should get someone to fund some commercials about protecting kids?


~ by wantabetravelin' on November 14, 2008.

4 Responses to “Sign of the times… I hope not!”

  1. that is soooo sad!

  2. I know, for their and all the other couples effected, I hope they are able to get an injunction, and block the effects of Prop. 8. Take care!

  3. People can live their lives as the wish. Everyone does have a right to be happy. I am not worried about gay marriage because it will never be a real actual marriage even if the government recognizes it as such legally, it will still be what it is, a mockery of the real thing.

    If they want to live together than that is their decision. If they think they love each other than that is their decision. If they want to wake up next to each other than that is their decision. But why do I keep hearing about how all they want is just too be happy and then the next sentence is “cant you just let us live our lives”.

    I have always let them live their lives as they see fit as long as they don’t try to push it on me and yes some have. But I still say that marriage is between a man and a woman and I am getting tired of all of this equal rights for everyone no matter what it is or what we can twist it into.

    They have a right to do what they want behind their closed doors of their home as I have a right to do in my home. They have a right to love who they want as I do. They have a right to marry according to the age old recognized definition of marriage “the social institution under which a man and woman establish their decision to live as husband and wife by legal commitments, religious ceremonies, etc.” as I do. They have a right to chose not to do so as I do.

    They do not and should not have a right to dictate what other people believe in just as I should not. They should be happy that they live here in America why I did fight for their right to be able to do as they want in their own home. In other countries they would be publically executed for loving who they love. They should not whine about wanting equal rights of marriage because that is trampling my rights that I also fought for.

    I as a veteran am sick and tired of all the whining that goes on in this country about equal this and equal that for everyone but the regular citizen. I for one do not care who you love, what color you are or what faith you practice or if you practice one but do not try to tell me or shame me into thinking that I do not allow someone to live and love as they chose and that I make them live as a second class citizen just because I believe a marriage consists of a man and a woman.

    That is my gripe for the day and I am sure I would read the same old lines that I have heard time after time about how I am uncaring about gay rights and you and they are right to a point if I bothered to stop back by but I wont. I care that they get to live as freely as I can but I also don’t care that they don’t get the laws changed to their point of views. No one changes laws for me and no one cares so why should I care. I have done my part for this country of mine and seems like more and more I have been wondering why I bothered lately.

  4. RIGHT ON sister! As many people as I un-marry, it’s always by their own choice and not because Big Brother says it’s so! We have equality for blacks, now let’s spread it around to everyone!

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