BSG & The Five…


Yay, season four of Battlestar Galactica starts finally, they have has us waiting forever!  Yes, fellow Geeks, Nerds, Cylons and Colonials, rejoice and give praise to the Gods and all the Lords of Kobol.  I really have been waiting on this, left us in a lurch, Starbuck is back, four of the five were revealed, they has a really great cover of All Along the Watchtower, what more can you ask for in a season finally?

This ain’t your Momma’s BSG!  Okay, so I’m old enough to have watched you’re Momma’s BSG so I know for sure it isn’t!

So, over all this time we have set back and tried to figure out who the fifth is. 

I came up with a great story line pinning Roslin as the fifth, She has cancer anyway, she dies, imagine her surprise waking up in that icky goo and finding out she’s a Cylon.  But a friend pointed out there was this list of people who aren’t Cylons, and she’s on the list. Frak, foiled again!  So, then I was thinking OH… It could be someone who is dead already, imagine the people on Galactica’s surprise if Billy or even Ellen Tigh walk up… but shot that down because the Cylons would know who the last one of the five were then. 

So who is it? 

Cally? humm?  Helo?  No, he has to be human because he fathered Hera the first Human/Cylon child.  But then again Cally had a baby with the chief who’s one of the four…  This is confusing! Maybe it’s Hotdog?  Naaa, a Cylon called Hotdog, I don’t think so.  Tom Zarak?  Dualla?  What do you think?

So tomorrow, I get off work, drive as fast as I can (without getting a ticket) and giving thanks the Lords of Kobol for the invention of Tivo, I will grab a soda and some pizza and settle down to watch this first episode of the final season.  And I’m warning you now, if someone tells me what happens before I get to see it, I’m smacking them in the head!

Thanks to for the great comics as seen above. 


~ by wantabetravelin' on April 4, 2008.

One Response to “BSG & The Five…”

  1. I *heart* you, Chasie! And besides, if you do the ‘math’ from the BSG “Last Supper Photo”, it’s rather obvious who the fifth and FINAL Cylon is…

    *Spoiler space*

    It’s US. (Humanity, that is)

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