The World in Casual Dress

When I was growing up I remember my mother harping about wearing clean socks and chones (underwear), you don’t want to get in a crash wearing dirty or ripped chones, lord forbid at the hospital after some accident they see a hole.  When you went some where, you got in your good clothes, got to be clean, even ironed. No rips, modest and everything in it’s place. As kids we had good clothes and play clothes, and yes when we left the house we had clothes on. No running around in just a diaper, at the house was one thing but up town…  she had standards.

We wont mention the decades I grew up in.  But there was a a flair to the clothes, flashy at times.  I missed the whole 60’s-70’s bohemian thing, I think I would have loved that, but I grew up in a small farming town so I would have never had access to it anyway.  I did have some ripped up jeans, I loved them, mom hated them.  It was a close to rebel as I could get.

But these days, people are proud to show anyone their underwear, I have guys come in and then walk back out to their cars and I’m standing there laying odds on them walking out of the pants that are 5 sizes to large for them.  Do you think the stores ran out of their size?  Couldn’t they get pants only 3 sizes to big? 


And how do they get sweats which have elastic to hang off their ass like that? But hey who knew boxers came in all colors of the rainbow and in plaid, I really like the Sponge Bob ones.  But you know what, why are you showing them to me any way?

And the new big thing is flannel pants, I have a couple pairs, they are great!  But people seem to wear them everywhere, do everything in them. I even know someone that had a baby in, yes.. I said in, a pair of the Walmart ones while she waited to be admitted.   I’m not that adventurous, I can wear them in my backyard, gone out to the front yard to get something out of my truck, I even wear them to go through a drive through for breakfast praying the cops don’t stop me for something.  I can’t bring myself to go into a store in them, it’s my pajamas, but people do it all the time.  I have seen people four-wheeling in them, yeah they will be great protection if they crash.

BUT here is where I think the line has been crossed, stomped and painted over in dayglo green.  Since when is it fashionable to wear regular pajamas for everyday? 

Do you want to be like Mike?Like Mike?  

Does his court wear give you a happy?  It’s not just women it’s men too.  WTF Mate?  Did you roll out of bed and say screw it, I’m not getting dressed? Let me tell you, most of the people that I see in PJ’s I’m damn happy they don’t sleep in the buff and do the whole roll out of bed thing. YIKES! 

And okay, I can see kids doing it on a lark, hey I buzzed my hair and had it all spiky at one time, but when grandpa comes in in this pajamas, I think we need to get a new line, maybe two or three and maybe grandpa needs to be put in a home.  I prefer my men in Jeans, Chinos, Cargo, Khakis.  Hey Wrangler butts….Wranglers

 I guess what I’m saying is…



~ by wantabetravelin' on March 25, 2008.

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