The Best Job in the World…

The best job I ever had was running a comic and card store.  It was owned by some close friends and they talked me into quitting Home Depot and going to work there.  Part of the sales pitch was I was driving an hour to work and an hour home and paying for the gas to commute, “How much is your time worth to you?”  Sure they couldn’t pay as much but I didn’t have the commute and or the gas bill, and hell it was fun to be there and get paid since I was there most of my off time.

I know what you’re thinking, girls aren’t suppose to like baseball cards or comics, but you’re wrong!  They are just marketed to the male market and we girls put up with it… but back to my story.

So here I am having fun till one day one of the owners, Bonnie, was out walking on the ranch with Dave and she was hit by an aneurysm, they almost lost her but she fought pretty hard and for several months I ended up running the shop with only what was in the drawer.  Kept it going for a couple months but with Bonnie’s health and other problems they decided to close up.  Over those months I did not collect a wage,  I had money from a profit sharing set back so I used it. The night Dave came in to tell me of their decision until he knocked me over with one question. “Have you ever thought about opening your own shop?”  I told him I’d love to, he waved to the stuff in the store and said Merry Christmas.

So that was it.  I now had my own store.  How many times in your life will you be handed that opportunity?  Like never..!  I literally fell into owning my own store.

First thing I had to find a different place to rent, I found a shop front on Main Street at half the rent they were paying, it was bigger, just a couple blocks from all the schools, AND IT WAS MINE!!
We had everything, Video Games including Pinball, Magic The Gathering tournaments, Pogs, Collector Coins, if you could collect it I wanted to get it in. 

Constellation Comix is the name I chose for it, what a great name. Comix with a “X”, Oh I thought it was so clever and I named it after a ship from Star Trek, (yep, you already know, I’m a geek) maybe I shouldn’t have named it after a ship that was destroyed in the TOS episode “The Doomsday Machine”, but you have to say it was a great name. 

I had so much fun, and I was pulling a profit as long as I didn’t expect it to pay my house bills, maybe I could live in the back room?  Nope, it leaked like a sieve and it was cold, so… I had to get a real job, and let my brother, who wasn’t doing anything any way, run it for me. 

Then came the day when he said he wanted to get a real job that actually paid, and I couldn’t afford to quit where I was.  So I had to close up.

As the years have gone by, I have found I still love comics and cards and I miss the store, a lot! I thought it was just me, but I have people come in all the time and mention it, it makes you feel good.

But the other day out of the blue I had one of “my kids”, who is now all grown up, came in where I work, and he thanked me. He thanked me for having the store, it was his place to go, have fun, he said it kept him out of trouble when he could have been doing other things he probably shouldn’t have.  He told me about the fun he had, even asked if I was ever going to open another one.  He made my day, heck decade… Something I had done and had fun doing had made an ,impression on him.   I almost cried… Almost,  I can’t get weepy at work. 

Yep, that was the best job I ever had, the job I have now, not so much…..  but who knows what I will “fall” into next. 

Life IS an adventure after all.


~ by wantabetravelin' on March 10, 2008.

2 Responses to “The Best Job in the World…”

  1. One of the best gifts in the world is finding out how you made a difference in someone’s life. People like teachers and lawyers tend to get a lot of that, but I believe anyone can turn the tide for a kid on the verge of trouble. How nice your “kid” came to tell you what a fine person you are. 🙂

  2. Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. 🙂 Cheers! Sandra. R.

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