What do I do?

I have this friend, known her for years and years, I don’t even want to admit how many.  She has been through two terrible  marriages the only good thing out of them are the kids, seven of them, Five from her first, all boys and two girls from the second.  The second, Dean was a total bastard, abusive, mentally and physically.  He used to use the kids as a way to control her.  She got through, got away from him, survived.

Over the years she has had computer romances, didn’t find Mister Right but she did find some friends and in the last two years she has moved past all of it, become secure, it was her and the two girls (the boys are all grown up) against the world.  Didn’t need any man, and like the freedoms she gained.

In the last couple months, she met a guy, even as she was falling for him she would say she liked the independent her, she thinks he is the one.  But this guy runs hot and cold..  Bipolar?  I think so.  I know he has a major past with drugs and alcohol, but he has moved past that.  All I know is she would go over and see him for the weekend and she’d be in heaven, then during the week he would call and it would be hell on her, accusations of cheating and other things, then the call to apologize.  They would break up and make up.  Finally she couldn’t take the stress and was going to tell him they couldn’t even be friends, and was going to call him only to find he had shut off the cell phone.

She decided to write him a letter, get her chance to say her piece.  Later in the week she received a call from a number she didn’t know.  It was him, they talked, made friends, again…  then about a week he calls, blames here for everything bad about the relationship calls her a selfish bitch and hangs up. 

I hate the word bitch, I always have.  I think that men should never use it…  It’s never a good thing when a man uses it to a woman, not even as a joke.  My brothers learned of my sensitivity to it the hard way, as I said before Nards are a great target.  I use it sometimes, but it’s different, I can’t explain why but it is. 

So this guy, called her a selfish bitch and made her cry.  I literally told her to make sure I don’t get his phone number.  Because I hate him, she doesn’t deserve this, the bastard, I hope he rots!


Guess who’s back,  she didn’t even what to tell me because she didn’t want to upset me…  ME, she was worried about ME and what I would think.  So I told her I would support her in what ever she does, I even help talk to her girls who hate the guy because he made their mom cry.  Well, this weekend he moved in.  I still haven’t met him, I’m worried about that first meeting, I don’t want to hurt her and I don’t want to do anything to make the girls hate him more.

Today, she asked me to lunch, made up and excuse about my brother, all because I though he would be there and I’m not ready to meet him.  I know I have to, who knows I may even get to like him.  I don’t know, maybe…  and then maybe Monkey will fly out of my bodily orifices too…

 Well Karma just kicked my brother in the ass because of me, he just had a seizure, so that I’m not a total liar, I am busy now, that sucks.


~ by wantabetravelin' on March 3, 2008.

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