Rights and Freedoms 101

I really don’t like protests, I think they gain nothing.  I know it sounds jaded but it’s true.   I tend to ignore them because I have always tried to see both sides of the situation.  I live in a small farming town so I have seen protest for and against rights for illegals, the war, heck even in support of teachers.

You see protests all the time on the news, and they always show the worst of them.  KKK, that crazy pack that that claims that everything bad that happens is god punishing the world because of gays, the group that protests at funerals.  Let me tell you, some of these wackos should be locked up because they are nucking futz!!!  I figure some higher power will judge them in the end, and if there is a next life I figure the dung be etle population is going to grow!

I was reading a friends blog and couldn’t believe what I was reading.  http://awalkabout.wordpress.com/2008/02/29/oh-where-oh-where-has-america-gone/   .   When you go to a Peace rally just to disrupt it you need to be kicked in the ass, I would have made a play for the nards.   Ask my brothers that was always my target of choice.

When this jackass, got out of his car all he wanted to do was impress people, he didn’t give a damn about letting these people exercise the rights that were given to all of us when our forefathers fought and died for them.  He could have set down across the street and protested too, but he didn’t, so he got a kick in the ass…  and the cops arrested an 82 y.o. woman.  Hopefully he has a limp.

Don’t get me wrong, I think that he made it back from Iraq is wonderful and that he was proud enough to serve in the army of my country is  a great thing.  I just don’t think that that gives him the right to take away the rights he himself fought for.


~ by wantabetravelin' on March 3, 2008.

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