This weeks episode: “The Wonders of Computer Restore.” or “Should I Throw it at a wall?”

If the title doesn’t say it all I don’t know what will.

Yep, that lets you know what I have been dealing with.  I talked with the people at HP over a sound problem, they talk me through all this stuff, do this dot that…  No joy.  So, they say, before we have you send it in it would be best if I try a restore.  I head up north fifty miles to the closest Circuit City, by this hard drive to make the back up.  Back-up made and stored away.

Okay here is where I put off doing the restore…  Laalaalaaaaaa…. 

Two months later I got the MSN group of viruses and it forces my hand.  I save a second copy of my I-Tunes, picture and documents and press the button.   What a mistake…  I do the restore and it goes through pretty easy, couple snags, nothing big.  Then I go to put in my back up, *sigh*  What a mess.  First it wont do anything, then I try to replace the things in my D-drive…  I end up with it saying it has 4.32 gigs freespace left of 80 gigs.  Whiskey, Tengo, Foxtrot?????  I try to look in the folders in it and there is nothing in them, I try to delete them and it says I can’t.  MY COMPUTER IS TELLING ME I CAN’T! NO ACCESS! YOU’RE NOT THE BOSS OF ME…. NYYA!    I finally had to format the drive, everything solved….  Or not… 

My great back-up, has everything on it… I can’t get into it to remove the things I need to put back in the computer…  All I want are a couple files,  I-tunes, documents, etc…  And the same thing happened with my C-drive.  And what i did get transfered doesn’t access the right way.  Why did I do this to myself…?

So now I have it going, but all my wonderful links are gone. The settings are different, files are locked into back-up and not on my computer. 

THIS IS NOT MY COMPUTER…  Mine is MIA.  It makes me sad.


~ by wantabetravelin' on February 29, 2008.

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