Ugh, shoes.

Okay, Here I started this whole walking for health…thing.  My feet are killing me!!  I walk around a lot, I’m on my feet at work but apparently it is a big different kind of animal.  Who knew…  Okay, of course you did, but I didn’t.  I have sneakers I figured I’m good to go.  NOT!  I walked two days in the one pair, ouch… then moved to a different pair I had bought and even used at Curves.  I got across the bridge and turned back, I wanted to walk barefoot back to where I parked the car, it would have hurt but I think a lot less.

So now I’m shoe hunting.  Color me overwhelmed.  Running, hiking, this, that, what do I choose, oh and better yet, what can I afford?  Have you seen the prices?  They have shoes that look like you are walking on mushrooms, wild!  But what are they good for.  I’m walking on the street, BUT I also walk out by the river, in the country in dirt and in sand.  Choices choices….. HELP!!!  I’ve fallen and I can’t…. Oh sorry, lost my train of thought.

I want to keep walking and Wyn’s (my dog) loves going too.  But then the BBW comes in and you have to remember My shoes and feet are probably carrying more then yours are so, I have to choose right.

  • Payless Shoes, great prices but bad on feet. 
  • Big Five….. Excuse me you want how much?  Will it carry me back to the car if I walk to far? 
  • Why are the outlet stores so far away?
  • Oh those are cute sandals…  WAIT…what am I here for again?

So I bought a pair of shoes, Avia’s with this fancy ARC Technology and we can’t forget:

  • FlexFom Compound in the Mid-sole
  • Anatomical Cradle
  • Injected ARC Plate
  • Cantilever Cushioning and Stability

Woot!!  I bet they can even make coffee.

Now they did feel like a little bit of heaven going on, so who knows, I might have done something right.

I’ll keep you posted.


~ by wantabetravelin' on February 9, 2008.

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