It’s that time of the year…

No… Not Christmas..  Lent.

Every year I choose things to give up for these 40 days, this year it’s chocolate and all alcohol.  I know what your asking, and you’re not the first or the last that will…  WHY?  Why do you do it, you’re not even Catholic.  Okay true…  but I did go to Catholic school, and I have even stayed at a Holiday Inn Express.  But I sorta do it because my Mother was, I lost her 9 years ago, and I do this for her.  Okay and for me. I like the test of it all, proving I can keep myself in control. (last night was a test)  Sacrificing something I like and need…. my precious…  Wait wrong movie! I’ve also spured on a couple friend to do it to.  One is giving up bread and tortillas, and her daughter is giving up carbonated drinks.  In the long run it is actually good for us.  It is hard though…  No Truffle Coffee…  No dark chocolatey goodnesss…  ACK!  What have I done???

I have also decided that these 40 days that I’m going to take this time to get out and walk, even if it’s just a couple blocks at least I did some. So yesterday I took the dog out and went to the park and walked around, today I took her out and we walked about 2 miles.  Now, I know you are saying “2 miles, big deal” well for me it is.  I’m a big girl, a BBW as they say, so everything helps, just wish walking worked where I need to loose some poundage.  So this was a big step for only the 2nd day.  And hey, I even jogged a small bit of it. YAY ME!

So you see Lent is a time of self-denial, but I think it can also be a time of self-change.


~ by wantabetravelin' on February 7, 2008.

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